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Your Go-To Source for Random Romantic Ramblings from a Seeker, Adventurer and Writer using various teachings as my guide into the unknown
. . . . with my dog Reuben.

Welcome to the Generous Present Now, a unique blog for you to explore. I have wanted to write all my life and in a way I guess I have.  I've kept journals for many, many years, sometimes diligently putting in entries daily and other times nothing for months on end, but I would always eventually come back to my safe space to write, my journals. 

With the world in various stages of 'lockdown' I finally ran out of excuses to be too busy to write.  I had the time and a story to tell and once I'd begun, the words just flowed from my fingers to the keyboard.  I have written a love story.  A romance for the modern day empty nester. 

I love having the opportunity to share my journey as a writer and student of life, as well as random stories of escapades with my dog, Reuben.  Please dive-in and enjoy my sometimes mundane but hopefully often thought-provoking observations.

Publishing my book will take place later in the year when all the editing has been done.  Stay tuned!



Thanks for your interest in Generous Present Now. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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