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The Roots

Here I am!  (Well, that's actually my dog Reuben) but I'm here too!

So what am I about?  Currently I am embracing the role of 'seeker'.  I’m about to embark upon a journey into the unknown with not much idea of what may happen and an excitement level I haven’t felt in my life in a long time.

I’ve wanted to write and be a photographer all my life and now at the delightful age of 50, I finally am. Whether you like what I have to show and say or not, is yours to choose, but I’m superbly excited to be here photographing and writing for me and for you!

Having completed the life requisites of:  growing up, getting married, having a career, then children, getting divorced, owning/running/selling a business and finally eventually a wind-down, I’m now in the “ok, time for me” phase of my life!  So feel free to get a glass of your favourite beverage in your hand, surround yourself in soft comfort and enjoy the adventure!  I certainly am!

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