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A Surprisingly Long Day

For the last 8 months or so I've been pretty centred and learning to enjoy my life in all sorts of everyday ways like the walks I take with Reuben, the interaction I have with my friends and most especially my sons. Whilst today was a great day in terms of interactions with the boys, my day with Reuben was . . . . not so much. In fact, Reuben is just driving me to drink! Literally! Well actually my son will be driving me to the pub a little later to meet up with my friends for dinner, but I've decided to go early just to have a little quiet time on my own.

I had forgotten how tiring it can be to have a toddler child in the house who won't listen to you! This morning, Reuben was that toddler and it has set my whole day upside-down. Admittedly, I am surprised by this as I have been able to be much less reactive for many months now, but today, he just really, really gave me the shits! Ugh!

Happily though, all my inner work seems to be paying off as they boys could see I was really pissed and just seamlessly stepped in and took him off my hands. They played with him, taught him some new tricks and eventually after feeding him, they all settled down to watch a film together on the couch. Coaches and teachers tell you that your inner work will radiate out to those nearest to you and today I really saw that happening. If I needed a sign to inspire me to continue doing the meditation work I've been doing then

Morning Meditation

this was definitely a good one. Thank you Universe! This was a great sign!

#MorningMeditation #HappyMama #GratefulMama #DrJoeMeditation

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