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Bring on the Wisdom

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

A memory without the emotional charge is called, Wisdom. - Dr Joe Dispenza

I love this quote because it clearly shows me where I'm at in the process of incorporating newfound knowledge from practicing his work, in my everyday life. Meaning, if I can look back upon a previously “emotionally charged” situation and no longer get triggered by it, just see it for the situation it was and the lessons it taught me, then I’m making progress and this is a GREAT thing!

I meditate every morning, most mornings at anywhere between 3.30 - 5am. Not that I’m particularly thrilled to be “not sleeping” at that time, but once I get into his newest “lying down” meditation to bless my energy centres, I always finish up the meditation feeling better than when I went into it. Even if my attention is not as focussed as it could have been, I still gain benefit from having done the meditation.

I notice the increase in wisdom in my life firstly through noticing things that used to trigger me and no longer do and secondly by having more measured reactions to situations. Not responding with anger, aggression or sadness, but rather from a more rational place.

Things such as my dog pinching things off the fridge or kitchen bench he knows he shouldn’t but does so anyway. I used to get angry at him, but now no longer do. I calmly go over to him and remove whatever unsavoury thing he may have nabbed and just say “NO”. Done. End of conversation and situation. I’m not carrying any anger, frustration or worry around with me in regard to the incident anymore. It happened, was dealt with and now it is done.

Whilst driving, I notice that I’m not in such a burning hurry to get to places anymore. Without thinking it out aloud, it seems I have a new mantra: I have time. I’ll get there at exactly the right time the universe wants me to get there. This makes for a much more stress free day.

There are other examples too numerous to mention, but suffice to say that my life now flows much more easily and I am noticing much more synchronicity in my day and I just love it.

When looking back on previously charged situations in my life, it also stops me from reliving them emotionally and repeating that destructive cycle internally that went along with it the first time around. I can now look at these situations and see the lessons received, without having to relive all the drama associated with them. Such a relief!

So, bring on new challenges so that I can work through them to get to the wisdom!

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