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Finding My Mojo (Or Finding My Dr Joe)

Some of you may be wondering: Who is this Dr Joe you keep mentioning? He’s a nerd. A scientific spiritual nerd - as I see him - who just loves to work out how to connect with the Universe, God, Spirit, Source, Unified Field, Divine Matrix (or Divine Miss M, as I like to refer to her) in a scientifically explainable and teachable way.

I was brought up Catholic and with all the church-going and guilt-laden praying and begging for forgiveness that goes along with that, but it somehow just never resonated with me from very early on. Actually from when I was about 8 years old and had to do my First Holy Communion preparation and part of that was confessing my "sins" to a priest. Now I ask you, just how many confessable "sins" will an 8 year old have?

Needless to say I could think of none and was told by my scripture teacher that this certainly wouldn't do and that I needed to look harder at myself. I looked, found nothing so when it came to be my turn to go into the confessional I made up some sins and lied to the priest just so I was seen to be conforming to the necessary constructs of this religion. It was the beginning of the end of religion for me in my life.

But I digress, this isn't a segment on religion bashing but about Dr Joe, how I found him and the value and benefits he has brought to my life. If you’ve ever wondered how much potential you may have within you then his work may very well interest you. He’s worked out ways to measure and document the average person’s ability to connect with the Divine Matrix through guided meditation. He details how to recognise the subconscious programming within us all and shows us how we can alter this to allow us to create our own reality and not rely on anyone or anything around us.

I’ve been on my journey with Dr Joe for a year already. It did take a little while for me to get my head around some of the concepts he put forward but that accelerated greatly when I took a leap of faith last year and signed up for one of his Advanced Week Long Courses at the Sunshine Coast in May of this year.

To participate in this weeklong course, it was stipulated that you had to have already read and taken in his early Progressive Workshops so that he would not have to reteach all of that material again at this new retreat but could spend his time delving deeper into the unknown with a group of well prepared and enthusiastic individuals ready to go further with him.

It sounds like a cult doesn’t it? The way some of his former attendees talk about him and his work you could be mistaken for thinking that but I can assure you it is not. There are products that you can buy but if you choose not to, then that’s your choice. No one hounds you about it.

He’s written a series of books which document his journey of discovery over the last 20 years and also tell of his story about how he got into this line of enquiry. They are all fascinating reads and I have included links to these in the “shop” section of my blog that you can purchase them through if you so wish to . . . . and if you don’t . . . . then that’s totally fine too!

A very truncated version of his story is as follows:

Dr Joe is in a triathlon.

Dr Joe gets run over and sustains several crushed vertebrae and probably won’t be able to walk again.

Dr Joe says no to the surgery suggested and decides to try and heal himself.

Dr Joe succeeds in healing himself.

Dr Joe spends the next 20 years trying to work out the mechanics of how he healed himself so he can teach it to anyone who wants to learn.

Obviously there is way more to it than that but it’s a fascinating beginning to a journey that started with a horrific accident and has to date made him a world renowned figure about spiritual connection with the Divine because he can speak to it in a scientific manner. As he says: Science is the modern day language of mysticism.

I will speak more about his teachings throughout my blogs as they are rather influencing me and my journey. Till then, check out some links I have to his work in my shop

Finding the best version of myself with the help of the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza
Cruising to my Mojo!

and Enjoy!

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