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Get Chef, Eat Well, Stress Less

One of the beautiful things about not letting yourself get caught up in so much melodrama in your life is that you begin to see solutions to challenges that you encounter much more easily than ever before.

For me, this came in the form finding a chef to come to my home to cook. One day whilst trolling through FB I saw an ad for an in-house chef and decided to write to her to see what she was all about. We made a time to meet and she came to my house to check out my kitchen and to see if we could work well together. We each approved each other and decided to give it a go.

Now before you wander off on the "that's only for someone with lots of money and not for me" laneway, let me explain to you the benefits I've received from this situation. Now, I CAN cook and I do it rather well, but I don't like to cook. I've spent years ensuring my children have had nutritious meals to fuel their growing bodies and minds but they're all older now and our schedules are very many and varied. One at University, one an apprentice and one still at school. We no longer have a unified dinner time so making "dinner" for the last year or so has been a very hit and miss affair.

Being all boys, their lives still revolve quite a bit around their stomachs. I hadn't realised it until we got Chef Michelle (as I lovingly refer to her) but there was always tension in the house around food. Tension from the boys about whether there would be "anything they could eat" when they got home and tension from me because I never knew what I should cook, you see I'm not imaginative around food. Love to eat it, just not so much prepare it.

We've had Chef Michelle for seven months now and we're all so much happier knowing that we always have good nutritious and yummy food in the house. A wonderful by-product that I hadn't even thought of when I decided to give her a go.

So chalk up another win to the wonderful world of early morning meditation to open up my mind to new possibilities. I'm so very grateful to have had the thought in the first place to look for a chef and secondly that I found Chef Michelle!

A win for all of us!

#LifeLessons #Food #Drink

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