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Happiness - A New Skill to Learn

For the last 6 months I’ve been becoming increasingly happy. Yay! You may say, as do I . . . the dilemma I have is that I’m not too sure how to “deal” with it.

I know it sounds like a first world problem but in actuality I don’t think it is. I believe that many of my generation have grown up believing “life is hard”, you have to “work hard to get ahead” and that you are always having to “strive” for things in your life, that “nothing comes easily to you in this day and age”. These are all dogma’s I have been brought up with and they have perpetuated throughout my adult life.

They have compounded the misconception that unless my life is hard I'm not doing it right. I also feel I may have attracted difficult and overly complicated challenges to me unnecessarily as a result of this belief.

These days, however, I function with the belief that I create my own reality and the reality I wish to create is one of abundance, harmony and definitely happiness. So around a year ago since I began meditating, my life has slowly begun to change, my priorities are realigning and certain old constructs in my life are falling down around me. My life is becoming much less complicated and much more joyous.

The challenge I am facing now is that after 40 plus years of believing life is hard and finding it challenging most of the time and thus not allowing myself too much happiness for fear of the carpet being ripped out from under me, the quiet underlying happiness I now have as my norm is unusual to me and slightly uncomfortable and I’m not sure how to embrace it fully.

I recognise that “fighting” against my feelings of panic about the rug being pulled out from under me due to redundant previous programming is futile, however, it’s so ingrained that I sometimes forget. I am working consciously these days to ensure:

  1. That when panic of any sort does rear its head in relation to this happiness, that I accept that it is due to code from an old programme I have, that I am working hard to be obsolete as soon as possible.

  2. That I don’t beat myself up for having this reaction, but that I commend myself for noticing the reaction and taking active positive steps to mitigate it.

  3. That when I can, fully embrace the happiness in all things I feel and just go with the flow, even though it does kinda feel like some other parts of my life are really falling apart.

In short, I’ve made a commitment to myself to notice and acknowledge my shadow side feelings and accept them as being a necessary part of me, but I will henceforth focus on the joy present in my life and live as though I am living my best life and continue to create the amazing new and abundant life I know I deserve and am capable of creating!

#ShadowFeelings #FirstWorldReprogramming #Happiness #CreatingANewReality

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