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I Believe . . . .

I have for many years been afraid of looking to the future with any positivity. I’ve learned to be afraid that if anything good happens to me, then my happiness will be shot down and pushed into the background. Life isn’t meant to be easy. It is meant to be hard and troublesome - this is what I have been told by many significant others in my life, all my life!

Well the truth is that I really don’t believe that anymore. Actually what I don’t believe is that life should be hard. I believe life should be fun, easy, enjoyable, joyous and happy, happy, HAPPY!! Deep down I have always known this to be true but have had to alter my internal beliefs to match those of significant others around me. I’m not blaming anyone for this. I did it myself and now I’m undoing all that old programming myself!

Every day I take my beautiful @ReubenDaVizsla for a walk in a park nearby. Everyday that I do this I thank the Universe for granting me another day of being able to take my beautiful boy for a walk in this paradise that I live in! Not surprisingly the Universe keeps allowing me to have yet another day where I can take my beautiful boy for another walk in the park, another day! How wonderful is that!

This wonderful situation has all come about because of the teachings of Dr Joe that I have now been following for nigh on a year. I have been meditating every day for the last 6 months at least once a day, sometimes, if I’m not in a good place, I’ll meditate twice a day. What I’ve realised is that the Universe seems to be listening to me and granting me more of the things I am really truly feeeeeling grateful for!

I have decided to continue along this path and find many more things to be grateful for in my life and see where else the Universe will take me . . .

#HappyMama #LoveDrJoe #MeditatingDaily #HappyActiveDogWalkingMama

Sleepy @ReubenDaVizsla after one of our walks!

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