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I Want To Say . . . .

I used to want to say I’m frustrated . . . . but the truth is that these days I’m not. I don’t understand why the universe hasn’t yet manifested the things I would so dearly like for it to manifest for me but I continue to have faith that it has my back and will provide something so much better, and more fulfilling for me than I could ever have imagined.

I used to want to say I was annoyed . . . . when yesterday I returned to my car, after having lunch with a friend, to find a parking fine on my window, but happily I wasn’t! There wasn’t even a “blip” on my emotional radar to register any potential annoyance. What would have once caused me all sorts of angst and bad self chatter, now didn’t even register as an event. :-)

I used to want to say I was surprised that my mother didn’t like my hair dresser . . . . but the truth is I’m not. When I spoke to her yesterday she happily informed me that she had never in her entire life (she’s 89) had a more terrible hair do than when she had gone to my hair dresser last Thursday and that she would never ever return to that salon ever again!

I do want to say. . . . that I am so happy with the calmness, quiet inner strength and joy that my daily Dr Joe meditations are affording me in my life . . . . and so I will say it! I'll shout it out to anyone who will listen to me!

I love the way I am now. I love that things that used to really push my buttons now no longer have an effect on me. I love that although it looks as though my life is not unfolding exactly the way I’d like it to, I have faith that the universe has something wonderful up its sleeve for me. I love that people who used to push all my anger, frustration, anxiety and fear buttons now no longer can. I am quite content to let them swim by me whilst I bask in the flow of the universe.

I want to say that the more I do this work and commit to my daily meditations the more centred and joyful I become.

I want to say that for the first time in my life I am really walking in my own shoes rather than those shoes given to me, or dictated by others to be worn by me.

I want to say that life is good and abundant, because this is the programme I am running now. I have cleared out my old programmes that said “life is hard”, “you have to work hard for everything”, “nothing comes easily to you”.

I want to say thank you, Dr Joe. I love, love, love how your outer work, makes my inner work so divine!

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