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If I Was Not Afraid . . .

I am watching a documentary on Gaia about The E-Motion Code. It’s all about how we have trapped emotions in our cells from our not having processed them properly. These trapped emotions then go on to mutate our cells into all manner of mischief such as bodily discomfort, mild illness and full-blown dis-eases such as cancer.

The programme goes on to show how we can release these trapped emotions and clear away the detritus from our bodies. Admittedly this is something that I have been working on for years and sadly there just doesn’t seem to be any shortage of old memories and trapped emotions that I can clear from my physical body, but lately there seems to be a change in me and in the effectiveness of this clearing.

It’s almost as though I’ve reached a critical mass of available free space for amazing things to come in, and now whenever I “clear” some old non-serving programming or belief system out of my body and subconscious, the synchronicities in my life seem to appear to radically multiply to help me manifest the things I’d really like in my life! It’s very exciting.

After years of just having “faith” that these processes will help me I am finally able to see visible results! Yay!

Hand-in-hand with this process is the belief that to continue to live your best life it would be a sage thing, to do the thing you are passionate about because this will bring great joy and fulfilment into your life. Hence one of the questions the experts asked in this programme was “what would you do if you were not afraid?

I did ponder this for a moment. I checked in with my heart and asked it, what would we do if I were not afraid? And my heart and ego both answered . . . If I was not afraid I would write a book. (Heart) Ideally a best-seller that would catapult me into the realms of being a celebrated author. (Ego) Fabulous! You say, hop to it! Well, I would. . . . if only I knew what to write about . . .

So in the absence of having a “meaningful book topic” to get my teeth into and tap, tap, tap away at, I’m going to continue writing this blog everyday. Read it, don’t read it. That’s not my choice. My choice is to write it! I have made the decision that I am going to keep writing until my best-selling novel comes to me. It may take a while but that’s ok. It’s taken me years to get to the point just where I now know for certain that I’d like to be a writer, so waiting a little longer for a really juicy topic will not be a drama at all. And anyway, I’m sure there will be so many wonderful things on my journey in the meantime, that I’ll have no shortage of things to write about as I make my way on my next great adventure!

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