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Rambling Reuben - He Makes Me Laugh

So often we forget to laugh. We forget that above all laughter and in turn happiness, are the things that keep us healthiest of all. My Reuben makes me laugh . . . lots!

He has a succession of facial expressions that make it incredibly clear most days exactly what is going through his mind. His incredulity at the thought that “no, I don’t wish to go out right now,” his further disbelief that I don’t feel that a bag of salt and vinegar chips is part of the right diet for him and other little gems like these and his absolute classic indignant bark when I have not paid attention to him in the last hour or so and he needs a cuddle.

If I’ve been busy working from home at my computer likes to play a game of fetch with anything that will garner my attention. Consequently he has a habit of quietly going into a room in the house, finding the most inappropriate thing and calmly bringing it back and sitting down beside me as I work and proceed to start gentling gnawing on it. Needless to say my attention is captured and we then proceed to play for 5-10 minutes until he feels that I have had a long enough break from work to keep me sane and healthy.

I’m always so chuffed at how thoughtful he is towards my health and well-being in ensuring I get enough breaks during the day, especially when it is raining and we don’t get out for a walk. Many will see this as a backwards way of looking at the interaction between Reuben and I and that’s ok. I’m going to continue looking at it in the way I do now, because I believe it is conducive to a happier life if you believe that others are looking out for your best interests.

I will admit I don’t do this as easily with people, but Reuben is definitely showing me that it is a very positive thing to do with a dog. :-)

My Beautiful Flappy-Eared Vizsla, Reuben.

#Vizsla #Happiness #Balance

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