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One Fine Day . . .

One of the great pleasures I have in this beautiful world is watching the regular people with their beautiful (and some not so much) dogs at the dog park frolicking - the dogs, not the people.

This morning was just such a morning in Sydney. I decided to take Reuben to a dog park at Coogee. It’s a very bland non-descript little park but always full of lovely lively puppies and dogs just itching to play with each other.

My Reuben loves to check everyone out. He’s friendly with everyone at the start whilst he susses out who exactly is capable of playing (read: wrestling) with him in a way that he really likes. This morning after much too and fro-ing between the available choices of a German Shepherd, Husky, Pointer, Boxer, Poodle, Ooodle, Staffie, Kelpie and two Frenchies, he settled on Kelpie for wrestling and a rather middle-aged pudgey spaniel called Archie for . . . . entertainment.

Reuben and the Kelpie had a blast slapping each other about and then rolling around on the ground, licking and smelling each other. After about 10 minutes of this Archie came on the scene and after some more wrestling, slapping, smelling and licking, and eventually humping each other, a happier two pups I haven’t seen in ages.

I must say it was rather entertaining watching some of the faces of the other people in the park when they really started humping each other though. The looks of surprise and mild horror were very entertaining. I, on the other hand was busy taking photos as I remembered to take my big-ass camera out with me today, (and here’s a picture). .

I often go to Coogee and whilst I do embrace the beauty that is to be found there by the shoreline, at the various little boutiques and in the parks, I don’t often remember to take my camera to capture it. But today I did! Well a little portion of it . . . I’ve made an agreement with myself that I will have my camera more front and ready so that whenever I am planning on going somewhere more interesting than the local supermarket, I will take it with me and practice capturing the vistas I find alluring, inspiring and just downright beautiful.

#HappyPuppies #ReubenDaVizsla #CoogeeBeach #SpecialFriends #SunnyDay

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