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Out With The Old

I’ve been going to therapy of various types for about 12 years now. Sheesh! You must have lots of money to waste or just be seriously screwed up! . . . . You think to yourself. Well, that’s fine, you can think that, though neither of those things are true for me.

What is true for me is that, although I look like the type of person who has lead a rather charmed life and been blessed with lots of amazing people around me to give me a great start, some of that hasn’t been quite as awesome as it looked from the outside and that has left its mark on my soul and my psyche. It had also set my life on a hamster-wheel journey to perpetuate the mistakes of my ancestors, and pass them on to my children . . . . unless I was to consciously stop the old programming in its tracks and reprogram myself. THIS is what I have chosen very clearly and consciously to do, so to therapy I go.

Therapy for me over the years has consisted of a psychologist very early on in the piece (I found I outgrew her usefulness quite quickly), then a mixture of hypnotherapist, chiropractor, kinesiologist, acupuncturist, masseur and emotion code therapist. I’ve rotated these modalities into my life as I’ve needed them, depending on what past pain was coming up for me that needed to be healed and cleared at any particular time. It’s been a thorough work in progress and finally I feel I am at the end of my unpacking of the suitcase of "wounding" I’ve been unconsciously carrying around for years…

The more I clear, the clearer my connection to the Divine Miss M seems to become which in turn prompts me want to clear the suitcase faster. Alas, it all has to be done in its own time. Your suitcase needs to be ready first to be found, then opened and finally unpacked. Many of the things I’ve found in there have caused me to react to situations in a way wholly detrimental to my well-being and I had had no idea why.

Thankfully now I do and I have great joy in knowing that heading into my 6th decade of life on this beautiful planet I shall enjoy it so much more with the challenge of adopting a whole new set of programming that drives me to be the best version of me that I can in this lifetime.

#HappyMama #UnpackingTheSuitcase #ClearingTheDecksForSomethingNew #BestVersionOfMe

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