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Writing Every Day . . .

I bumped into a friend of mine yesterday at the Nespresso shop. We were both stocking up on industrial amounts of coffee pods so as to only have to make the journey into the busy shopping centre as infrequently as possible.

I hadn’t seen him for months and we chatted about where we are all at these days. He and his wife have taken the rather sensible career approach to life whereby they both have good career jobs and as they both head towards retirement it seems that they are like the text-book kind of couple, with a respectable working life behind them and good superannuation packages that they will be able to live quite comfortably off. Of course, I have no idea if this is true or not, but it is the story I have playing out in my own mind about them!

I asked about his wife and she works in some high up position in government department that he said she is really enjoying. He mentioned he was due to RETIRE next year! Gosh I can’t believe it I’m getting to an age where I have friends who are heading to retirement! Wasn’t I just 22 yesterday??? Anyway, he works at a university as Head of his School and said that he had been offered a similar position at a University on one of the islands in the South Pacific! OMG! Wow! What an awesome retirement plan.

He mentioned his wife has lots of long service leave up her sleeve so they were seriously considering his applying for the post and her taking her leave in a chunk and the two of them idylling in the South Pacific for a year or two. Their children are both grown so even that is not an obstacle! Sounds like a plan to me! I said to him.

Then it came to me, what was I up to? Well, . . . . and then I just leapt in and said it . . . I want to write! I want to be a writer and publish, so I’ve set up a blog page and I’m writing! There! I’ve said it out aloud into the big wide world. It’s out there for everyone to know about now.

I am a Writer!

I am a Photographer!

I am an Adventurer!

So, I suppose I’d better get to it and start something bigger. Sign up for some courses on creative writing and see where those take me! Watch this space . . . . :-)

#Writer #Photographer #Adventurer #OutInTheOpen #WritingJourney

Writer in the making . . . watch this space!

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